Boing Rebounders Back In Stock!

We’re back in stock with all Sizes, Colors, and Weight Strengths!

To make it even sweeter, we are running a sale for the month of August!  Check out our 5% discount below.

Do you remember that feeling when you first got onto a trampoline?  You start jumping and you just feel lighter, more flexible, and able to jump higher without extra effort.  Now you can relive that experience but with an even better feeling!

Boing Rebounder uses bungee cords that allow much more elasticity and shock absorbency than those old spring trampolines.  Giving you a much smoother experience that is easier on the joints, while still getting a great workout in!

The Boing Rebounder also provides a much safer and comfortable experience.  Most of us who’ve jumped on those spring trampolines know what it’s like getting pinched by those metal springs.  Not fun.  With bungees, there’s no danger of that. Plus, they don’t rust or fall apart when left alone like the metal springs.

Order your Boing Rebounder using coupon code “DISCOUNT-AUGUST” and get 5% off today to August 31!

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