Why Boing?

Bungee rebounders are a relatively new addition to the world of fitness, but they’re busy taking the scene by storm. However, we felt that the options on the market up to this point have either been inhibitive due to a giant price tag, or else cheaply-made. We created Boing because we wanted to provide an affordable product that was made without cutting corners. We’ve designed them with care, attention to detail, and high-quality workmanship to last and to be there for you throughout your fitness journey.

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The Need for Boing
Rebounding is steadily becoming more and more popular all throughout the world as an effective, gentle, enjoyable, and safe way to restore health. With rebounding, you enjoy multiple benefits, such as loosing weight, building muscle, cleansing and detoxing your body’s systems, slowing aging, increasing blood flow, and much more.

Bungee versus spring
Most trampolines on the market today use some type of metal spring. The Boing rebounder was designed using pioneering technology by replacing stiff springs with supple bungee cords. The difference between the two is huge, and it’s simply incredible when you feel it. The Boing bungee rebounder/mini-trampoline technology brings to the table a huge range of flexibility and buoyancy to which a rebounder made with springs can’t even come close.

Boing-ing is fun!
Another reason we created Boing is so that fitness can be fresh and fun. It fits into your lifestyle as easily as slipping on your favorite t-shirt. The bright, colorful bands are what sets Boing apart as being a personalized, classy, and versatile piece of equipment. Boing isn’t afraid to make a stylish statement in any modern home. The sleek design will come in four bold and beautiful color choices that we are proud to say will be eye candy in any setting in which you choose to place your Boing.

Take it to the next level!
Already a fitness freak? Virtually any workout routine you’re currently doing can be greatly enhanced by the Boing.

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