Bounce Higher, Bounce Better

Experience the motion of bungee technology

Detox, Heal, Strengthen

Encourage lymph flow, aid digestion, strengthen immune system, maximize muscle building & fat burn

  • Detoxincreased gravitational pressure when jumping on the Boing encourages lymph flow, internal organs are stimulated, and it aids digestion.
  • Heal - builds immunity because all cells in the body become stronger in response to the increased G-force during rebounding, which directly strengthens the immune system.
  • Strengthen – allows muscles to go through full range of motion safely and efficiently, maximizing muscle building and fat burning.

Easy, Safe, Kid-Friendly

Experience fewer injuries, fluid motion, & fun, appealing colors

  • Easy on joints – provides gentle, forgiving movement instead of impacting a hard surface. The bungees maximize this effect, as they are much smoother and have more stretch than springs.
  • Kid-friendly – any age will love to Boing! The bungee cords are soft (instead of metal springs) and the colors are appealing.
  • Fewer injuries – than activities such as cycling, running, weight-lifting, or jogging.

Maximize Your Time & Space

Versatile, portable, all-in-one design, providing a total body workout

  • Get more from your time – when you step onto the Boing, all your muscles are working as they flex and balance on the bouncy surface, giving you a total body workout with just minutes of moving
  • Get more from your space – No need for a room-full of gym equipment! Boing takes up one small corner of your house and is truly the all-in-one of fitness equipment.